Payday loans and Funding Loans for Unemployed: How to get them

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Payday loans and Funding Loans for Unemployed: How to get them

The direct goal of development is the non -repayable loans of the European Union and local authorities, which through these instruments promote the birth or restructuring of entrepreneurial activities and professional integration. The ultimate goal is to intervene to increase employment, while reducing the disparity in economic development within European and national borders.

Payday Loans

Non- repayable loans granted to companies or professionals are capital for which there is no obligation to repay them. The reasons for requesting them are varied, often for the start of an independent business activity, the purchase of materials and tools or the creation of professional training for self-employment. In Italy these loans are managed by Invita, which deals with granting them along with the loans of honor for young and female entrepreneurs. In addition there are regional funding, created to meet specific territorial needs. European funds stand out in direct and indirect management.

The difference lies depending on who supplies them; that is, if it is a European institution or a local authority. The requirements and procedures for obtaining non-repayable loans are indicated in special calls for tenders, for which a deadline is also set within which the applications must be submitted. Non-repayable loans are indicated as support instruments, ie they do not cover 100% of the planned project expenditure and this must be in the launch phase and not concluded. The percentage of fund lost varies according to the project to be financed, ranging from 50% to a maximum of usually 70%. Only in some exceptional cases 100% coverage is provided.

Payday Loans for unemployed

Loans for unemployed


The non-repayable loans for the unemployed obviously do not meet those needs due to a normal loan at a bank or other institution. They are tools to revive the economy and reduce unemployment, so no guarantee is required consisting of a paycheck, pension slip or other proof of income. The main condition that influences the granting of a non -repayable loan for the unemployed is the call for their disbursement. In fact it is within it that the requirements and methods for submitting the application are identified, different according to the granting authority.

A main difference is whether the call is open to unemployed people, ie they have never worked, or unemployed. Furthermore, some calls are issued with precise age limits, for example aimed at young people so that they can start an independent business activity. In order to find the funding that best suits your needs, in terms of requirements and design, you need to connect to the Invita institutional site where the calls are published regularly.

Only in this way can you examine and then go to one of the competent offices, presenting your project that obviously must respond to the announcement in terms of requirements and purposes. In conclusion there are no elements common to all loans and loans for non-repayable unemployed, they are different according to the authority that provides them and to the purpose for which they are granted.

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