Payday loan for housewives and unemployed: online estimate

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Payday loan for housewives and unemployed: online estimate

 Requesting a Astrofinance loan for those who are without a paycheck is not so obvious, so let’s see which cases this is possible. In addition we will see how to get an online estimate for housewives and unemployed, with the procedure to follow to calculate the repayment installment that we will have to pay each month and the total expenditure that we will face.

Astrofinance payday loan without pay: what alternative guarantees to present?


If you are interested in receiving funding, but you are currently without a paycheck, you will have noticed that this is not an immediate operation. Among the guarantees required to receive the Astrofinance personal loans, the most important is to receive a demonstrable income. This is because the financial institutions are not willing to risk their own money, and therefore define requirements, which very often lead some customers to give up the credit they need.

Let’s see what are the alternative guarantees that can be presented to receive loans without paychecks, designed by Astrofinance for all housewives and the unemployed looking for a loan. It is right to specify how these are products that provide a different treatment compared to what happens for classic personal loans. The greater risk that the company runs at the time the loan is granted turns into a slightly higher interest rate.

Housewives who need a Astrofinance loan will have the possibility to apply for it, but with a maximum limit on the amount that can be requested, set at € 30,000. The average interest rate applied in this case is 9%, and will depend on the number of months in which we choose to repay the sum loaned to us. The guarantee that we can present to the bank will be the signature of a guarantor. The latter, which can be a relative, but also a friend, who must receive a salary or a pension, so a guaranteed entry every month.

A second possibility is to mortgage a property owned. This option is also valid for the changed loans offered by Astrofinance to the unemployed. It is useless to underline the fact that this is a particularly risky operation, so it is advisable to carefully evaluate the expenditure to which we will go, by requesting a free estimate (which we shall see shortly). With Astrofinance loans, at the time of the request we will be offered a specific treatment, which will depend on the amount requested, the duration chosen, our personal data and the guarantees presented by us. The interest rate and the monthly repayment installment will be defined at the time the contract is signed, and will remain constant throughout the duration of the loan.

Online estimate for Astrofinance loans without payroll

Before proceeding with the request for the Astrofinance payday loan you are interested in, what you need to do is request an online quote. In this way we will be able to compare the characteristics of funding offered by Astrofinance with those of other companies, and then choose whether or not to make the request.

To calculate the installment that we will have to pay each month, we can use the simulator that we find on the company’s website. The only data that will be requested will be the amount we need, the project we intend to achieve with the desired money, and the repayment installment that we prefer to deal with each month. Immediately we will present the best proposals, with the relative duration and the applied interest rates.

Let’s see an example of an estimate, for a loan of 7,000 euros to cover a cost for medical treatment. By inserting a monthly amount of 200 euros as the preferred installment, the proposal that is made to us, which best meets our needs, provides for a repayment in 42 installments of € 189.90. Tan and Taeg will be fixed and 7.46% and 7.72% respectively. We can also scroll through the available options, increasing or decreasing the duration of the loan, with the monthly payment decreasing or increasing accordingly.



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